Strategic Leadership and Change in Crisis – 5 Principles

You cannot step twice into the same rivers; for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you.– Heraclitus, pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, circa 460 B.C. Trafalgar, off the coast of Spain, 1805: Admiral Horatio Nelson realized that he had a major threat on his hands and those of his British naval fleet. He was heavily outnumbered …

From Crisis to Change to High Performance – 6 Principles

“If you do not change direction you may end up where you are heading.”                                            -Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher and poet. Somewhere in the middle of the Iraqi desert, 2004: A co-ordination of elite military task forces, some of the most highly trained, equipped, disciplined, experienced, and high-performance teams of their kind ever put together (collectively …

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