Purpose and Values

Purpose and Vision: Through 21st Century Leadership, serving and adding value to people, who then serve and add value to their communities and the world.

Values: Authenticity and Adaptability – Staying true to our core character, while leading in a highly connected global context. To always give much more than we take.

Integrity – personal and professional; do the right thing, regardless of the consequence 

Service – to people, humanity, and everyone around us

Transformation – because changed leaders change the world

Learning – continuously question our assumptions, and be willing to think again

Growth – holistically… in mindset, healthset, soulset, and heartset

Excellence – both in who we are and what we do 

Generosity – in our words, actions, and contributions 

Collaboration – through partnerships, alliances, and team dynamics 

Synergy – with all stakeholders, inside and outside of the community & organization

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